City Guide : Marseille
Unmissable spots

27 Nov 2019

Marseille’s most iconic spots, according to Sharies.

Just arrived in Marseille or wish to revisit the city’s classic landmarks? Here are the 8 best spots to (re)discover. Ready?

The Vieux-Port of Marseille

Close to Sharies, this iconic harbour is a must-see. With its terraces, boats, seagulls and fish market (that attracts seagulls), the area is always bustling with life!

The St Jean Fort

How better appreciate the beauty of a city than with a 360° panorama? Located on a rock next to the old port, the view of Fort St Jean is unique! Fortunately for you, Marseille has several exceptional viewpoints. Read on to discover some of them...

The Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica

Another incredible view: Our Lady of the Guard basilica, also called la Bonne Mère (the Good Mother). Overlooking the city, it is said to protect the city’s inhabitants and the fishermen at sea. The bravest among us can climb on foot, but a little train can take you there too. Enjoy the breath-taking view as well as a special blow-dry, courtesy of the Mistral wind!

Le Panier district

Next to Sharies is one of the oldest districts of Marseille, also known for its street art: the district of Le Panier (the basket). With its blend of art and local architecture, this area will make your weekend wander a pleasant one. If you like street art, we also recommend le cours Julien in the 6th arrondissement.

Quartier du panier


Inaugurated in June 2013 when Marseille was the European Capital of Culture, the MUCEM (or Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) is dedicated to the people and history of the Mediterranean. Useful tip: access to the museum is free every first Sunday morning of the month. A little culture can’t hurt!

The calanques

The famous “calanques” (creeks) of Marseille will never grow old! Whether you’re staying with Sharies for a month or you have always lived in Marseille, a visit to the creeks is one of the best ways to make the most of your weekend. You can choose from several creeks, but we recommend finding the most secret one. And why not ask your Sharies roommates to join you? We are confident you will soon be forming a small group of explorers.

The Frioul archipelago

The island is located opposite Marseille and shuttles go back and forth regularly. With its limestone rock, similar to that of the creeks, Friuli has pretty little coves and beaches, as well as the Roman-inspired Caroline hospital.

Orange Velodrome 

Marseille is a city ruled by football. Whether you are a fan or not, you cannot pass the opportunity to attend a match at the Velodrome, where a good atmosphere is guaranteed! But remember to support the right team, or you will feel very lonely ...


Finally, to give you another even more authentic overview of Marseille, here is a beautiful video made by the Maison Lucha agency.

NB: limiting the beautiful city of Marseille to 8 unmissable spots was a massive challenge, as there are many more! Feel free to share with us your favourite places as well as your travelling tips!

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