Being a Sharies member, what does it mean?

Being a Sharies member means first and foremost joining a community where openness, respect and awareness are shared. More than a way of life, it is a state of mind!

Who am I going to live with?

Sharies takes care of finding common areas of interest between its colivers.

Can I visit your spaces before moving in?

Yes, the spaces are visitable upon request.

Can I talk to my future colivers before moving in?

Of course ! We can connect you with your future colivers.

I want to move in! How do I do?

Nothing more simple, make your reservation request directly on our website. We will come back to you as soon as we can!

What is expected from me? Are there any rules?

Coliving guideline rules are to be signed when you move-in at Sharies. It details good conduct rules of life in community.

Can I organize my own events?

Yes, you can suggest events to the Sharies community. And if you want to organize an event in your apartment it is strongly recommended to speak with your colivers in advance to have their approval.

Can I host friends or family?

Non-resident temporary accommodation is allowed, but under conditions ! Priority is to preserve the tranquility of the Community :)

Is Sharies pet friendly?

In order to preserve a good management of our spaces, we do not allow our friends the animals :(

What types of events are organized?

Sharies regularly organizes dinners, group lessons, workshops, game night, movie night ... Colivers are also invited to suggest events to the community.

What types of common areas?

The common areas depend on our locations: living room, kitchen, fitness, event spaces, coffee, co-working, rooftop ... You will find more details in our Spaces pages.

What will I find in my room?

Everything to be autonomous and to feel at home from the first day! A sleeping area fully equipped to sleep on your 2 ears (bedding, sheets, duvet, pillows, bedside table, wardrobe ...), a comfortable desk to work or daydream ... and a bathroom equipped for you to pamper!

Are there different types of rooms?

Our room types may vary and are subject to appropriate pricing. Nevertheless, they are all carefully furnished, decorated and equipped.

Is the kitchen equipped?

More than equipped! Oven, microwave, American fridge, stoves, pots, plates, cutlery, Nespresso machine, toaster ... Even the bottle of olive oil has been planned. We let you discover the rest of the list!

How many people are sharing one apartment?

It depends on our spaces. In order to ensure a good coliving experience, we limit the number of bedrooms per shared apartment between 4 and 6 units.

Can I bring personal belongings?

Your private space is your universe! Make sure you own it.

What is included in the price?

Everything is included to enjoy your home from the first day of moving! We let you read the details of our offers on our Spaces page.

How can I talk to my community manager?

We will tell you the right touch points based on the locations you join. The app also allows to communicate with the dedicated community manager.

Is there any on-site parking place?

Sometimes yes! You will find the specific services provided in each of our locations on our Spaces pages.

Is Sharies eligible for APL (Allocation Personnalisée au Logement)?

Indeed, Sharies is eligible for APL.

What is the duration of the lease?

We offer rental contracts from 1 month.

What documents does Sharies need?

Sharies asks for documents to confirm your identity and make sure you are able to pay your rent. The details of the documents will be provided during your registration.

Does Sharies require a deposit?

Yes. It is usually equal to one month's rent excluding charges.

Do I need to notify when I want to leave?

You must notify Sharies at least 1 month before your lease expires. If you want to free your home as soon as possible, we will of course do everything to find you a successor as soon as possible. We may have applications pending, or do you have an acquaintance to refer?

In addition to the rent, is there any other cost?

Your rent is all-inclusive. You will also be able to subscribe to services such as laundry, concierge services, cleaning of your private space ... depending on our locations.

Can I establish Sharies residence as a proof of housing?

Yes, you can establish your main residence there. Your monthly rent receipt will serve as proof.